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postal code 023828,
Bucharest, Romania

Phone : (+40 21) 242 44 77
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Products Portofolio


Equipment and reagents for dry and wet biochemistry , hematology coagulation, electrophoresis , immunology , analyzers and strips for urine analysis
ELISA kits
Equipment and kits for blood type determination
Blood bags
Bacteriology reagents


Medical equipments
Medical Disposables
Disinfectants and cleaners
Veterinary products (disinfectants, supply pumps)
Generics medicines
Natural products

Medical Services provided by Medcenter

Family Medicine (General Medicine)

Specialized Physicians in the following fields:

Clinical Allergology and Immunology, Cardiology, General Surgery, Dermatology, Geriatrics and Gerontology, Gynaecology, Internal Medicine, Neurology, Ophthalmology, Oncology, Urology, E.N.T., Pediatry, Psychiatry, Diabetic and Nutrition Diseases, Endocrinology, Orthopaedics, OCCUPATIONAL MEDICINE

Laboratory Medical Tests are provided in the following fields:

BIOCHEMISTRY (General, Electrophoresis), IMUNOLOGY, HEMATOLOGY (General, Imunohematology, Coagulation), MARKERS (Viral, Endocrinology, Tumour), MICROBIOLOGY (Bacteriology, Mycology, Parasitology,Virology)

Facilities for treatment and investigations:

- I.M., I.V., S.C. Injections,
- Taking Pulse and Blood Pressure
- E.K.G.
- Effort Test
- Audiometry
- Spirometry, Oscilometry
- Electro cauterization, Criotherapy
- Ultrasound (Abdominal, Heart, Doppler, Glandular, Muscle- Skeleton, Obstetrical– Gynaecological)
- Rh Imunoprofilaxy.

Medical Services Packages:

- Efficient MM
- Clasic
- Extra
- Special


Infoworld Software

Info World's product portfolio includes hospitals and medical centers information systems (HIS), radiology information systems (RIS / PACS), clinical laboratory software (LIS), family doctors, blood banks and public or private health insurance companies / funds information systems.

Hospital Manager Suite - Integrated business software solution that covers all medical and administrative departments within a hospital unit.

Hospital Clinic Manager Edition - Integrated business software solution for private hospitals, clinics and medical centers.

IQPACS - Integrated RIS and PACS system for the management of patients’ data and radiological images in radiology departments and centers.

eBoard - Specialized software for monitoring the activity in hospital emergency rooms.

Top Management - Specialized software for measuring, monitoring and performance evaluation of medical units at any level (hospital, clinic, department, physician, etc.).

MediPedia ( - Medical information portal with online administration of Electronic Personal Health Record.

Training Course in Occupational Health and Safety in the Workplace - IT solution that meets the needs of companies to train and certify their employees on health and safety in the workplace (OSH) by modern, reliable and objective methods.

Budget Manager - Specialized accounting software system.

Salary Manager - Specialized Human Resources software system.

CTS Manager - Integrated information system for Blood Banks.

CabiMed - Specialized software for General Practitioners (family doctors).

InFlow - IT solution applicable in the national health programs: Ex.: DiaFlow, for dialysis case management; OncoFlow, for cancer case management; HepaFloe, for hepatitis case management.

Asimed - Integrated information system for Health Insurance Companies.

HIMED - Pilot project initiated by Info World through which is achieved communication between health care providers, Health Insurance Fund and the Department of Public Health.